Meet Phi Gamma Delta's Corresponding Secretary: Giancarlo Puccia. Known simply as Pucci within the bonds of FIJI's brotherhood, Giancarlo is a second year Chemical Engineering Major from the lush greens of Woodland Hills, CA. When he's not occupied with the duties of a highly demanding major, Pucci likes to skate, hangout with both friends and brothers, and often lose track of both self and time as he jogs to the melodies of his songs.

Pucci S

Meet the Historian of Phi Gamma Delta, Jesus Cervantes! Born and raised in the 209 area code of Stockton, CA, Jesus is a third year biomedical engineering major here at UC Davis. As the Historian, Jesus is charged with ensuring that the honourable values and proud history of Phi Gamma Delta is transmitted generationally from one pledge class to the next! Additionally, Jesus documents and keeps tracks of all of the fraternity's important events and philanthropies. 

Jesus Small

Meet Phi Gamma Delta's own VP and Treasurer: Gerome Prudencio. This hopeful veternarian is a thrid year Biological Sciences Major at UC Davis. Born in the Philippines and raised in Sunny San Diego, California, Gerome aspires to work in the field of Animal Genetics as method to better veternary medicine. On his free time, Gerome plays Volleypall, the Piano, and is the proud father of a reptile named Jagras.


Meet Phi Gamma Delta's President: Jake Martin! Jake is a third year computer science major at UC Davis. Native to Folsom, California Jake is an avid guitar player, one of the best in the fraternity, and let me tell you we have many! Jake is a skilled surfer as well and loves to catch waves whenever a beach is available!

Few words from the president himself:

"As the president during the COVID-19 Pandemic, I had high hopes and set plans to create an engaging and enjoyable virtual environment for the brothers (both active and potential) while developing new protocols for an unprecedented year of challenges. We, as a chapter, had to reimagine our recruitment, initiation, philthropy, and brotherhood events as to create a COVID-19 safe environement and still function as a growing and lively fraternity. My hopes are for Fall 2021 to be in person, and for the fraternity and the brothers to actualize all the potential we have planned during the lockdown"


 Meet Phi Gamma Delta's Recording Secretary: Charlie Woidat. Charlie is a second year Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology Major from East Bay's Moraga, CA. True to his major, Charlie loves to spend time in nature often birdwatching. In his spare time, Charlie likes to stay active. His favorite sports to play are Basketball and Soccer.